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You might have noticed we left off mounds . Though stereotypical, not all of species build mounds. In reality, no North American termite species construct mounds; the ones who do originate mostly in Australia and Africa.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, termites cause $40 billion per year in damages globally and are responsible for destroying 600,000 homes in the United States annually. The overall annual cost of control and damage repair in the United States is $2 billion. This does not include costs to the military in the Formosan termite (a subterranean species). .

Its not hard to determine why costs are so high. When a termite infestation has caused damage to your house, the costs run into the thousands. While estimates vary, most pest control companies put the termite treatment cost .

Does sound steep it's steep, and that amount simply covers the expense of removing the termites. When you factor in repair costs the cost may easily reach $10,000 and up.



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So in the event that you suspect that you might have a termite infestation, ACT IMMEDIATELY. Delaying action could cost you thousands of dollars of your hard earned cash.

Professional termite control is expensive; theres no doubt about that. After seeing just how expensive, its natural to wonder how you can kill yourself and whether or not it would be effective. The good news is that in the event that you discover the infestation early enough, you stand a wonderful chance of taking care of this termite problem yourself. .

Weve compiled six of their best DIY methods on how to kill termites yourself here. These methods are ranked from the strongest to the weakest. However, this doesnt mean you necessarily must begin at Method #1; even if your infestation is much more minor, one of those lesser ranked methods can work just as well. .



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You can even use a combination of those methods for effect as some of the approaches are only read this article for outside.

This technique will not only kill the termites present in your house, but its a good preventative method. The idea behind a termite barrier is to completely surround your house in a pesticide barrier that will poison termites upon contact. Although it's commonly used around the entire foundation of the house, it can also be used around specific wooden structures, wood piles, or tree stumps. .

As for which termite killer you need to utilize to create the liquid termite barrier, we recommend Termidor Termiticide Suspended Concentrate.  When it comes to eliminating termites, Termidor is your leader in the field and it's used by nearly all pest control professionals for exterminating termites.

Multiplier effect. Termidor can be spread by contact; a single affected termite can spread the poison to other termites in the colony.



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Non-repellent; liquid termite barriers that are elderly were designed to repel mosquitoes, meaning that termites would steer clear of the barrier. Repellents have been proven to be less effective and does not benefit from the multiplier effect.

Create a solution of 0.8ounce of Termidor into 1 gallon of water. One 20oz bottle above can yield 25 gallons of the finished solution.

Dig on a 6 inch deep trench around the foundation of your property. For concrete locations, read review you'll have to drill a half inch by 18 inch hole about 2 inches from the foundation wall in a speed of one hole for each and every foot.



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Using a high quality sprayer, spray the Termidor solution into the trench or holes in a rate of 4 gallons for every 10 feet.

Termidor is most effective when used as described above. The trench permits the Termidor solution to bond with the soil, and when applied in this manner, the barrier can endure for as long as 10 years (even though it is ideal to reapply the barrier every one or two decades ).

While it's entirely possible to skip the trench and hole digging procedure and simply spray on the Termidor solution directly onto the foundation, the barrier would not be as effective nor would it survive as long. Nevertheless many individuals have found excellent results even with this method of application. .

There's a chance which you can kill the entire termite colony due to the transference effect of this poison.



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If you hire a pest control professional, they'd likely use this method to treat your home.

You might need to use hundreds of gallons of this solution in order to pay for the entire perimeter of your home, which may be time consuming and expensive.

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